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This week is my birthday week, yeay!

I know, I know, I’m “old” already therefor no need for the childish excitement upon a birthday but… a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. In my head, birthday is a free pass day where I can do basically whatever I want. That’s why I was so excited for this week! 

Coincidental with my birthday, my brother checked into hospital for a surgery. Thank God the surgery went well and he quickly recovered and discharged.



The Energiewende Exhibition


On Saturday I went to the Germany’s Energiewende Exhibition in Grand City Mall. I found out the information from Wisma Jerman’s Instagram. The Energiewende is German’s transition plan to a low carbon, nuclear free energy supply and economy policy. This is a travelling exhibition held by German’s Foreign Minister. To quote from the website providing informations about Energiewende:

The “Energiewende” – literally meaning “energy turnaround” or “energy revolution” – is Germany’s effort to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions, without relying on nuclear energy.
In the landmark Paris Climate Agreement, countries from around the world committed to cutting greenhouse gas emissions to get climate change under control. Germany is a pioneer in this regard: With broad public backing and cross-party support, Europe’s most populous country aims to become almost climate-neutral by mid-century.
This is why Germany’s energy transition is watched closely, for the valuable lessons it provides on weaning a major economy off fossil fuels. The “Energiewende”, which grew from a grassroots anti-nuclear and environmental movement into a vast national project, has profound effects throughout society and business. Source here

The exhibition showcases the milestones that German has been through from the beginning of the project, the achievements up to this day as well as the projected target for the upcoming years. To understand more about the energy transition project, you can visit their website here. It is a heavy but interesting subject to learn.

Today my parents, my brother and I went out for a family slash late birthday lunch. We had Chinese food which I have been craving since I watched Crazy Rich Asians. Hahaha… The Chinese girl in me wanted some recognition!

About work, there were several case of complaining customers and I had to do some preparations for upcoming gathering events on November 22.

Well, the only thing I wanted to highlight is my birthday anyway. Everything else that happened, I just let them slide. LOL.

How was your week?


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