Back to the Doctor Again After Covid-19

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April 21st marked the first time I came to see my doctor after recovering from Covid-19. Why did I took so long? When I had telemedicine with my doctor in February, she told me to finish 14 days of quarantine and then to add another 3 weeks before seeing her again. I guessed she just wanted to assure that I had been fully recovered before seeing her. 14 days of quarantine + additional 3 weeks meant that I was supposed to see her around last March. Well, it took me longer because I wanted to make sure the long Covid effects that I had already gone. Although all the annoying symptoms had already gone, I still got easily exhausted.

Alhamdulillah the doctor said that my baby is healthy, in a good position, and that he’s a little bit too fat! At this stage of pregnancy he was supposed to weight about 1.300 grams but this little bundle was 300 grams heavier than he should be! The doctor told me to reduce consuming sweets. Hmmm… when I thought about what I consumed, I had lots of avocado juice and maternity milk (Prenagen was sooo delicious). I could drink 2-3 glasses of milk everyday simply because I love milk. Was that the cause of the baby overweight? I ate four meals a day but with very little rice portion. I didn’t think the meal was the cause.

I managed to skip maternity milk for a week and changed it with low fat milk. I was supposed to finish 1 carton of said low fat milk within at least 5 days, but hey… I love milk. I had it finished in 3 days (Oh no…). I complained a lot for the rest of the week because I couldn’t have my milk. Hehehe.

The doctor also ordered me to do blood test (which was supposed to be done a month ago). I was supposed to see her again after the Idul Fitri holiday to see the result. I am very anxious, hopefully my blood sugar and cholesterol are fine. Fingers crossed! She also reminded me to have my eyes checked on an eye doctor. To see if I was fit for normal delivery or not. This is the one thing that I am scared and anxious about. Either normal delivery or C-section are painful. You know, women go through this much ordeal, men should respect us more and more!

Doctor also said that I could start doing exercise to prepare for delivery. A simple walk or senam would be fine.

Aaaaaaaaaaand… more people are starting to ask, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

Well, that’s a secret I’ll never tell!

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