27 Weeks

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Ah, almost 7 months pregnant! Alhamdulillah ya Allah!

This pregnancy was such a whirlwind ride with contracting Covid-19, managing household as well as 3 kids… wow! I just hope all these experience would make my baby such a strong, resilient one. Aamiin!

At this week of pregnancy, I still felt the carry over symptoms of Covid-19 or as they said, Long Covid. I still had cough, especially when I ate fried food or I was too tired. My brother’s doctor friend said it would resolve within 3 months. Yes, I whined about it sometimes because it sucked, but I also told my husband that I did not want to be given any meds. I would bear the cough, take my vitamins as well as eat healthy and get myself a proper rest… I didn’t mind if it was going to be a slow recovery as long as I didn’t have to worry about my baby. Taking meds to soothe the cough would make me worry about the baby’s health.

I actually slept a lot at this phase. I woke up for subuh, got the kids prepared for school, and then by 10.00 a.m. I would fall asleep until 11.30. I usually also slept during the kids’ afternoon nap time. By 08.00 p.m. I already fell asleep again. I guess I woke up only for showering and eating! I didn’t do fasting this Ramadhan because I was constantly hungry. I had my meal 4 times a day and whenever I was late for mealtime, the baby kicked a lot. Speaking of baby kicking, as per this week I felt that the baby kicked more frequently. Sometimes the baby responded back when I rubbed my belly. I guess the baby didn’t like it when I slept on my right side because he kicked and moved a lot. He got calmer when I turned to my left side.

I read somewhere that the baby would move more intense if the mother consume sweets. I tried, and that was kind of true. When I ate or drank something sweet he would move and kick a lot. My baby had sugar rush, hadn’ t he?

Since the movements and kicks were getting more intense, it meant that I could really watch my belly moved too. It looked like a water bed and I enjoyed watching my belly. So funny!

I am a type of person who have huge personal space. I don’t like too many physical touch, people standing or sitting too close to me, etc. The only person who can invade my personal space is my husband.  Thus, I don’t enjoy it when people try to rub my belly. Well, just because mine blow up like a balloon doesn’t make it a public property! It is still part of my body that you have to ask permission from. And I hate it when the boys touch my belly button. Be polite, please!

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