Happy Birthday, Man of My Many Dreams I Have Lost Count

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A little artwork made for our beloved man.

To the kids, he is Abi. A discipline father who likes to make Dad-Joke and tease them, but love them so much. To me, he is the one. The man of my many-dreams-I-have-lost-count but we’ll get back to this later. Hehehe.

He was having his birthday yesterday. In the morning the kids were almost forget to greet him happy birthday because they have lost the track of time during the months of studying at home. We had breakfast as usual and husband went to work. Nothing special and it felt so wrong when in fact, my husband always bought the kids’ birthday presents, made them special greeting cards and wrapped them. It won’t be fair if he didn’t get any in return.

After the school was over, I whispered ideas to the kids. Hey, let’s create something special for Abi! It doesn’t have to be pro-artist good, it just have to be heartfelt. I took an A3 drawing paper and drew the pictures. The kids were excited. Dza said, “Kok tumben Mami bolehin kita nggak tidur siang.” Ahahaha you had your wish come true, didn’t you?

They then colored together and added their own doodles. Dil drew a frame around the picture. I left my three kids in the bedroom, finishing their project while went to the kitchen to bake.

A few moments later I went in to check the kids.

No sound. No kids chit-chat, no arguing and yelling.

I opened the door and found my girl, Dza on the floor. She was coloring and finishing the rest of the poster alone, while her brothers were sleeping. Good teamwork, boys! *grin*

For the meal, Ibu sent us Bakmie GM so pretty much the Mie Ulang Tahun thing was pretty much handled. Not that we were into superstition or something, we just happened to be a family who love noodles. Any kind of it. Hehehe. 

I always wanted to try a galette, we just bought some apples so it was the perfect timing to try out the recipe. 



Galette itself (from the Norman word gale, meaning “flat cake”) is a term used in French cuisine to designate various type of flat round or freeform crusty cakes. The kids loved it. Well, basically they loved anything sweet. Dil said, “Mami, apel gorengnya enak!”

There you have it, apple galette is apel goreng. Hahaha.

The idea of creation has always been fascinating to me, from designs and events to baking. Here is my first attempt in creating this ugly beautiful piece, still leaving room for improvements. A french rustic style of classic apple pie for our beloved man: cinnamon, caramelized apple and crunchy pastry. Truly smells like holiday!

Last but not least, happiest birthday to my husband. Perhaps I don’t say this often enough, I love you and I wish you all the best: blessings, health, and happiness from Allah SWT. Kisses!!

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