Dza’s Ramadhan Craft Project

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Time flies as we know it. This was made for our 5 year-old’s school assignment just before we entered Ramadhan. One assignment that I procrastinated until the school teacher reminded to submit. Haha. Mommy needed to find some inspiration first sayang. Inspiration comes best when it’s already near deadline. Such an advanced craft project for a kindergarten student *grin*.

The assignment was to make a banner for welcoming Ramadhan. I wanted them to be pink, with lanterns and tassels dangling. I used my canson paper for the drawing and took an unused box, made sketches and cut them according to the shapes to make the banner thick and more sturdy. Manually drawn the lanterns on a sunny Saturday morning while hushing the kids away. Oh the headache.

And I did not let Dza paint the lantern, because Mommy wanted the lantern to be evenly painted… but I let them painted the pink background with acrylic paint. A decision I regret later because the entire floor was soon covered in water and paint splatter. The fun part was making the tassels. I used a simple white thread, made it into tassels shape and then dip them in water mixed with pink acrylic paint. My husband has lots of acrylic paints and brushes because he also like to draw and I’m forever grateful. 

And look, now we’re already in the last 10-days of Ramadhan.

I have prepared myself for a different Ramadhan since earlier this year, with this whole new chapter of life (being married with kids! woohoo!) and what not. What I did not realize was HOW different it would be with all that have been going on right now.

As an overthinker, who plans everything steps ahead with details and used to a fast pace, this time of sudden change and uncertainty feels daunting. Not one for a wishful thought, this happening through Ramadhan may lend me a new perspective or two…

… of prayer and surrendering oneself to the Al-Akbar.

… of living the day lighthearted like a 5 year-old.

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