Weekly Roundup: The Beginning in the End

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I spent the last month of 2018 working for exactly 3 weeks only. High Five!!! 

December started off with our branch’s annual Family Day event. It’s an annual event where we gathered the employees & their families for a 2 days/1 nite trip. This time we went to el Royale Kartika Hotel Batu-Malang. I took my parents and my brothers too for the first time in years (as an excuse for people not to rush me hahaha) and I’m glad I was finally able to checked in to the hotel early and be lazy! 

Two days after the family day, my left eye got bacteria infection, so I couldn’t wear contacts and eye make up for quite a while. I guess it’s a reminder for me to be more diligent in cleaning up my make up brushes. Okay, 2019 resolutions: cleaning up my brushes more! Haha.

On December 19th, much to all of Surabaya’s salesman dismay, we had the usual Customer Gathering at Dyandra Convention Center. It was a rushed preparation on my side since our graphic designer took a week off  just before the event preparation began. Eventually all went well anyway. 

I had a training for the sales team on Dec 18th, as well as a preparation for the annual year end employee focus for Dec 29th (which eventually rescheduled to a day earlier, on Dec 28th).

And then off for the 1st half of my year-end holiday!  

I had my days off from Dec 23rd until Dec 27th, went back to work for two days (Employee Focus) and then went off again from Dec 30th to Jan 1st. And then… I spent the Christmas holiday in Malang, and then spent the New Year holiday stayed at home and pampering myself (Hello hair spa, body scrub, and the whole shebang!).  

It was nice to eventually be able to spend days off and focusing on myself without any of the workload following. 


January 2nd marked the 1st day working after the holiday.

The road were quite empty since I guess most people were still on leave. I arrived at work early and to be honest nothing really happened this week. My Boss was having his leave of absence until January 5th, office situation were pretty calm.

On Friday, I had lunch with the entire sales team in D’Gunungan Taman Dayu – Pandaan. It was a trendy place with beautiful view but to be honest the food was so so. Anyway it was a nice warming up before the ‘real’ work week kicks in!

A good and happy start should brings out a positive vibe, right.😍

What about you? How was your year-end going?

How did you kick off the new year?



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