Pampering Day: Beauty Class with Clinique

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Sunday is the day for us to unwind after a week of work and rush.

In my case, since I’m working at the office from Monday to Saturday, Sunday becomes such a precious day for me to wake up early and run, to unwind and to do things I like such as reading, cafe hopping, etc.

I have been using Clinique since 2013. Around two weeks ago, I got a Whatsapp message from my Clinique’s Beauty Advisor (Yes, saya punya BA langganan jadi kalo mau beli tinggal WA aja barangnya dikirim. Enak kan hehehe…) that they invited me to their Beauty Class in Ciputra World Hotel. Yay! She’s been inviting me several times before but I had to turned down the invitation due to work schedule. Since the invitation was on Sunday, so yeah, I said yes.

When I was getting ready at home, my BA suddenly texted me, “Mbak Anty nanti jadi model kita ya.” Oh what? That’s gonna be embarrassing! We all know the beauty class setting, the model would be sitting in front of the whole audience and they would be staring at my bare face! Oh no, my eyebrows!

But then… to think about it, if I were being their model, the make up artist would be doing my make up, which means after the beauty class I would have a professional make up done on my face instead of the messy make up us the beauty class audiences trying to do. And then I can go jalan-jalan at the mall with a very nice make up… so yeah let’s do it!

“A Sunday well spent brings a week full of content.”

I arrived at the hotel ballroom on 12.30 because it took me 30 minutes just to find a parking spot! They provide us with an appetizing lunch buffet. There were salads, fish dish, chicken, cakes, chocolate pudding… basically most of my favorite dishes were deliciously served there.

The beauty class started out with the Clinique BA introducing their latest products: The 72 hours Moisture Surge and the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Jelly. My face were cleansed using the Take The Day Off Balm (also my usual cleanser at home), and then proceeded with Exfoliating Toner no. 3, the 72 Hour Moisture Surge, and topped with Even Better Sunblock.

Afterwards, Novita, the Clinique BA from Bali started to do my make up. The theme of the make up was a fresh daily make up. She used the Superbalanced Foundation on my face and then set it with the Loose Powder. For the eyes, she used All About Shadow in Pink Chocolate. She tapped the chocolate shadow on the outer corner of my eyes, and then the rest of the eye area with the pink shadow and then blended them together. She put on a winged liner and mascara for the final touch.

For the eyebrows, she used the Superfine Liner for Brows very delicately. Only short light strokes to make a natural feathery look that mimics the eyebrow hair. The end result is very niiiceee and I still don’t know how to replicate them at home X_X. And then for the blush, she used the Clinique Pop in Heather. For the lips, she used the Chubby Stick Intense (I forgot the shade) and topped it with the Pop Splash Gloss on the inner lip area to make an ombre finish.

Overall, I like the end result of the make up! The make up gave a fresher and brighter hue to my usually pale face.

After the event, I purchased some of their products (because my initial reason to attend the beauty class —> me running out of my Clinique loose powder and I wanted to try on the shades first before purchasing). Here are what I bought from the event: a Loose Powder, the non-alcohol toner no. 1 for sensitive skin, and the blush on.


Exfoliating Toner #1 – Pop Blush in Heather – Loose Powder

On a side note, Caroline Hirons (a very prominent skincare & beauty guru from the Brit) once reviewed that Clinique’s range of toner are pretty harsh on the skin because they contain alcohol (yes, I tried on the toner no. 3 for oily skin and yes it tingled). She suggested to use the one for sensitive skin instead (toner no. 1), because it contains no alcohol. I read the ingredients list and they are pretty similar with Thayers’ toner.

Last but not least, my BA gave me a bunch of Clinique minis as a gift! I got the TTDO Eye & Lip Remover, the Clinique Pop lipstick in Melon Pop and Blush Pop, samples of 72 Hours Moisture Surge and Superbalanced Foundation. Yeay!


The Clinique Gifts

Oh and by the way, this isn’t a sponsored content or something (wake up Anty, you’re no instaceleb!😁) . Clinique is my go to skincare products, because they are dermatologically tested and my dermatologist approves, they don’t contain perfumes, mineral oil, phtalates and parabens. Yes, I do read all the ingredients list in a product and look for the description of each ingredients before deciding to purchase! Let’s be a wise customer girls!

Cost wise, at a glance, Clinique products seems to be on a pricier side. But if you compare it to skincare products from beauty clinics, they actually are worth kind of the same. Kemasan produk Clinique besar-besar, sedangkan kemasan produk dari klinik kecantikan biasanya kecil-kecil sehingga cepat habis. Kalau dihitung cost per repurchase produk dari klinik kecantikan itu selama setahun, sebenarnya tidak jauh beda kok dengan cost untuk purchase Clinique’s skincare products. Bedanya, beli Clinique sekali aja langsung bayar mahal di depan tapi untuk stok kurang lebih setahun sedangkan dari klinik kecantikan 2 bulan sekali mesti repurchase karena habis. That’s my 2 cents sih ya, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and every skin is different. Kebetulan saya cocok sama Clinique & I don’t go to beauty clinic. For skin problems, I go straight to my trusted  dermatologist Prof. Dr. dr. SS Pohan, SPKK.

I went home around 05.00 p.m. and checked myself in the mirror. The make up still looked good but the foundation were already oily on my face. The foundation wasn’t a matte one and I have oily skin so I guess on me, it couldn’t hold up the oiliness on my face. I usually wear Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and by far it’s the only foundation I have tried that could hold up for hours without making my face look oilier than it already is.

Anyway, it was a worthy Sunday! How was yours?



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